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The Italian Coins in the British Museum - Volume 1: South Italy, Sicily, Sardinia

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This editorial project is aimed at publishing all the Italian Coins displayed at the British Museum of London. The time span ranges from the Lombard invasion of Italy to the Unification of the country. The first volume is about South italy: in particular, it takes into exam the island of Sicily and Sardinia. General editors of this project are: Barrie Cook (Head of the British Museum Department of Coins and Medals) and Lucia Travaini (Numismatics Professor at the University of Milan). The volume's curators, in addition to Barrie Cook and Lucia Travaini, are: Stefano Locatelli (ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Manchester) and Giuseppe Sarcinelli (Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Salento). Altogether, this work includes the description of 2027 specimens. In addition, readers can find an introduction about the collectors who donated their coins to the famous museum, and a preface about the coins' iconography.

580 coloured pages.