How to pay

Payment terms for our customers outside Italy


Payment terms for your online purchases. After the online auction is closed, payment is due at the receipt of the invoice.


Banca di San Marino,
via III Settembre 252, 47891 Dogana, RSM
IBAN = SM 61 Y 085 400 980 20000 20106058
owned by Nomisma spa, Strada Bulumina 6, 47899 Serravalle (RSM) 

All bank charges should be met by the customer.



It is strongly recommended to pay with check only if the checks are issued by an italian Bank.

Indeed,  in case of a payment fullfilled with a check issued by a non italian bank, clearing requires about two months, and the coin(s) shipping will be consequently delayed.



Payments via credit card
are accepted too.

For credit cards payments a 2,5% fee is to be added to the total.  

Due to some scam attempts, for invoices paid by credit card, shipments will be made 15 days after receipt of payment.

Paypal payments are NOT allowed.

If You have received the invoice, You can follow this link.

For any information, please don't hesitate to contact us at:
phone 00378 904012
fax 00378 904042