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Online Auctions Rules


You have to register to enter Nomisma online auctions. Registration has to be approved by Nomisma, Nomisma judgement is unchallengeable. Online auction users must insert, as reference, at least two auctions they have attended. Moreover Nomisma will establish a budget limit for every user, the limit is intended as ceiling of the total amount of bids for current auction.

Already registered users of previous Nomisma online auctions are automatically registered and don't have to register again.

Auction Fees are 21% of the realized prices.

A 3% tax will be applied to Auction Fees, accordig to San Marino Law n.194/2010. This tax will be applied only to private customers, not to companies with VAT (or company) code.


Realized prices will be published online shortly after the end of the online auction. We'll communicate every user all the lots they have won and then an invoice will be sent, including 21% of auction fee and shipping costs, terms and instructions for the payment (see also HOW TO BUY page for payment terms for our customers outside Italy).

The Italian text is the only autorithative, the translation is only an help for  bidders.

If You have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at auction@nomismaweb.com.